Our dental office performs regular screenings to prevent oral cancer and to protect and promote your oral health. While some symptoms for oral cancer can be identified by the naked eye, it’s possible that there are symptoms lying underneath the surface that we just cannot see.

Oral cancer has a low survival rate due to undiagnosed symptoms that are left untreated for too long, with a five-year survival rate of 30%. However, we remedy that problem and identify symptoms earlier by using the most advanced dental technology available to us, and one dental technology that we have in our office is called VELscope.

VELscope is a device used to detect abnormalities in the mouth that can’t be seen by the naked eye; it is a light-based detection system that causes abnormalities to fluoresce or highlights suspicious tissue that our dentists can further examine. Without the VELscope, suspicious tissue may not be identified until much later. With early detection, the survival rate for oral cancer leaps to 80% to 90%. We invite you to call our office today at 972-542-8733 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lauren Standefer and Associates and learn more about oral cancer screening and VELscope in McKinney, Texas.